Flagship projects

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On this page, you can discover a presentation of the 546 projects funded by Agropolis Fondation since its creation in 2007. A search engine is at your disposal and the projects are extractable in PDF format.

The flagship projects are presented above. These are the ones that have received more than 500 000 euros in funding.

The Foundation supports three categories of projects:

Research projects Training projects Dissemination, promotion and transfer projects
Exploratory and innovative projects;
Disciplinary projects exploring research fronts;
Major multidisciplinary flagship projects.
Creation of training courses;
Establishment of MOOCs;
International thematic schools.
International scientific events;
Project maturation/transfer;
Publication and dissemination.

If you are the project leader, do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to make any changes.
We have chosen to present all projects in English to simplify export.

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Cormier 3R

Convergence Cormier - Network, Resources and Resilience of a forgotten tree in the service of agroecological transition

A major challenge for the agricultural, forestry and food transition lies in selecting species, varieties or provenances that are both resilient to climate change and provide multiple ecosystem functions and services. The Cormier is a tree species of Mediterranean origin that was cultivated over a large part of the country for many centuries for its precious wood, its high fruit productivity and its medicinal virtues, then abandoned with (...)
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CAP-eye Centre

Cooperative Training and Resource Centre on the Common Agricultural Policy

CAPeye is a training and resource centre on the Common Agricultural Policy.
Society Public Policy Agriculture Recommendation
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Cotton adaptation to water stress: Genetic and morpho-physiological determinism of drought stress response during the vegetative phase of cultivated cotton (gossypium hirsutum l.)

Cotton cultivation is essentially rain fed, and irregular rainfall patterns expose cotton farmers to adverse effects on crop yields and fiber quality. A better understanding of the morphological and genetic basis of drought tolerance in cotton and the identification of reliable agro-physiological traits relevant for use in plant breeding would aid in improving the efficiency of breeding for this complex (...)
Root Cotton Water deficit QTL Phenotoping Plant Phenotyping Architecture Ecophysio
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SENS Imaging

Coupling photon and proton imaging: towards 3D functional vision in plants

The project has allowed the development of three new imaging methods providing additional and complementary informations on the location and the mobility of the water inside the plant: -a method of MRI imaging allowing the visualization of the water in the plant and its mobility with a tissular and subcellular resolution a 3D tomo-histology method allowing to image anatomy with a focus on tissues involved in water transport (vessels) (...)
Microscopic (Gene/cell) Operation Modelling
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Ad hoc support : ACCROCHE

Creation of a "multimedia animation" for the public communication of INRAE’s national REUSE network

Despite major disparities between countries, agriculture is the main user, in terms of volume, of the water we take from the natural environment. However, for several decades now, in many regions of the world, and in particular in Europe and throughout the Mediterranean basin, we have been witnessing an increase in the pressure on water resources and, if not a decline in its quality, at least the presence of new contaminants as a result of (...)
Visual identity Network Logo Video production
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Ad hoc support

Creation of a virtual multimedia exhibition on the diversity of cultivated plants

Informing the general public about the challenges of agronomic research is an important mission. An exhibition on the agrobiodiversity of 10 crops, presented in the form of a series of posters, was produced in 2015 by the IRD Communication Department, with the support of the DIADE scientific unit and financial support from the AfriCrop and ARCAD projects. However, the format of this exhibition does not lend itself well to the current dynamic (...)
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Cryopreservation of endangered American plants

This project aimed at developing cryopreservation protocols for in vitro shoot tips of vanilla and Clinopodium odorum using new, vitrification-based techniques. In case of Clinopodium, we applied the vitrification (V) cryo-plate protocol for cryopreservation of in vitro-derived shoot tips. We studied the recovery of shoot tips after modification of various parameters of the V cryo-plate protocol, including sucrose concentration in the (...)
Developing the plant of the future
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CultiVar - A coordinated Higher Education cursus in Plant Breeding with international outreach, and operative options for partners in Mediterranean/tropical countries

CultiVar is an international multi-partner initiative, aiming to promote the exchange of information and skills between researchers and students within existing Master and PhD level training courses oriented towards plant improvement. The project is producing educational materials, bricks or modules, that will be part of (i) Master curricula in Montpellier and in our partner network in Senegal and in Vietnam all oriented towards plant (...)
Vietnam France Senegal Training Education Plantbreeding Genenomic
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