Accueil / Closing meeting : Thought for Food

Closing meeting : Thought for Food

"Thought for Food" is supported by Agropolis Fondation, Fondazione Cariplo and Fondation Daniel & Nina Carasso in a combined effort to promote transdisciplinary research on sustainable food systems. The mini-symposium will highlight key results emerging from the 6 projets supported under this initiative and will include conversations on the role of science, the scientific community and the foundation sector in contributing towards a sustainable future of food.

Important : Students and participants from global South can attend the mini-symposia and the whole conference free of charge if they apply for conference grant. Registration fee applies to other participants, if not registered for the conference.

This seminar will be illustrated with "Live Sketching" by Lison Bernet, illustrator and book author who draws and popularises scientific research.

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