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F&V Processing 2020. Third Symposium on Fruit and Vegetable Processing

F&V Processing 2020 : A sustainable processing chain for high quality and healthy fruits and vegetables

National and international food and health organisations recommend a high daily intake of fruit and vegetables. Processing stabilizes fragile fresh fruits and vegetables, offers convenience to consumers, yearlong availability and diversity. How can processing of fruits and vegetables meet food health aspirations, while preserving the environment and having a positive social and economic impact ?

The F&V processing 2020 conference meets this challenge. Senior and junior Scientists from around the world and involved in the all aspects of Fruit and Vegetable processing are invited to join the conference in Avignon and to exchange.

Scientific programme and conference sessions will be built on five major topics
1 - Processing and reactivity of F&V
2 - Integrated approaches for the quality of F&V aimed at processing
3 - Food systems and sustainability of F&V processing
4 - Specific challenges of F&V processing in the Southern countries
5 - Identification, characterization and control of microbial and chemical risks in the production chain of processed F&V

F&V Processing 2020 will be a Web Conference on 24-25 November, 2020 and co-funding by Agropolis Fondation.

Online registration is open until November 14th with reduced fees.

Please find all news on the website of the conference. You can download the pdf list of the presentations and authors from the Program web page.

There will be no specific poster sessions but registered participants to the symposium will be able to download pdf versions (and videos) of all posters.