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8 June 2021

18th Plant Virology Meeting

RVV 2021

The workshop "Les Rencontres de Virologie Végétale (RVV) " has been held every two years since 1987. It assembles virtually all scientists in this field from France (PhDs, teachers, technicians, engineers and researchers from private and public organisations) with the aim of providing an overview of recent progress in plant virology (see Pre-schedule). This meeting is a unique opportunity to bring together scientists from different fields in plant virology. Its small size favours direct contacts and discussion which can encourage new collaborations between different laboratories.

This workshop is highly informative and very efficient at bringing together participants from distinct disciplins as it covers a wide variety of timely questions and approaches in plant virology. Moreover, guest researchers specialists of animal virology, or even non-virologist prominent scientists, are invited to present major advances in their field.

Because of its frequency, and of the small number of participants favoring conviviality, this meeting is an excellent opportunity for the exchange of ideas between scientists. In particular, it favours the networking of young researchers with experts in the field, and has been the source of many successful collaborations between different labs (molecular biologists, geneticists, entomologists, epidemiologists, evolutionary biology....).

Around 150 participants (from Cirad, CNRS, INRAE, IRD, various Universities & private companies plus a few participants from abroad) are expected to attend the meeting.

Agropolis Fondation is partner of this workshop.