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Agropolis Fondation manage a certain number of actions that involve scientific and/or financial partners. These actions support projects in the context of the Calls for Proposals launched by the Foundation and produce scientific advances.

Three categories of projects are supported:

Research projects

  • risky and innovative projects ;
  • projects exploring new research fronts;
  • large-scale interdisciplinary projects.

Training projects

  • setting up training courses;
  • setting up MOOCs;
  • international thematic schools.

Dissemination, promotion, networking and emergency projects

  • international scientific events ;
  • communication and popularization projects (exhibitions, webdocumentaries, books, films, models, etc.)
  • publication production dynamics.
  • national and international scientific networks
  • emergency projects

Nearly 563 projects have been funded since 2007, for a total of 68,5 M€. They are currently under construction and are not yet available on this page.

If you have any questions about a project or a group of projects on a specific theme or geographical area, please contact the team directly: cdms@agropolis.fr