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Operational team

The Foundation’s operational team, under the authority of its Director, is primarily responsible for the following key functions:

  • updating and implementation of its strategy;
  • national and international positioning and visibility of the Foundation;
  • coordination of the scientific network and partners;
  • development of new partnerships;
  • design and management of calls for proposals and resulting actions;
  • financial and administrative management.


Carine Karailiev, Director of Agropolis Fondation,
Daniel Barthelemy, Scientific responsible of Labex Agro programme

Anne Causse, Executive Assistant, is responsible for the Secretariat of the Management Division and the Science Council.

Pierre Péré, Scientific Programme Officer, responsible for monitoring scientific projects, the Science Council and managing digital data.

Océane Trevennec, Scientific Programme Officer, responsible for monitoring scientific projects and partnerships with socio-economic actors.

Ly Yann Kauv, One Planet Fellowship Project Coordinator.

Camille Rannou, One Planet Fellowship Project Officer.

Mylène Aycard-Gueydan, Secretary General, is responsible for the organisation and management of all of the Foundation’s administrative and financial affairs.
Christine Perrier, Management Assistant, contributes to the Foundation’s administrative, financial and human resources management.



Secretariat and management services

Programme and project officers

One Planet Fellowship programme (OPFP) coordinator