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19 May 2022

20-24 june Phenology at the crossroads 2022

phenology at the crossroads 2022

20-24 juin 2022, Avignon France

Climate change modifies the phenological cycle of many species, directly affecting ecosystem functioning, species distribution, agriculture and feedbacks between the biosphere and the atmosphere. Phenology is thus a central topic for many societal and economic issues.

The community working on phenology has grown considerably over the last 20 years, integrating other actors than scientists through participatory science and research programs, ( https://phenoclim.org/, https://www.obs-saisons.fr/ ). Phenology has also attracted the interest of a growing number of scientific disciplines (functional and evolutionary ecology, physiology, agronomy, genetics, climatology, remote sensing, aerobiology...).

For all these reasons, we want to emphasize during this international symposium the fact that phenology is now at the crossroads of many different disciplines and actors, all working to provide ideas and solutions to two huge challenges our societies are facing: climate change adaptation and mitigation, and sustainable development.

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