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25 July 2022

3rd International Conference on Pesticide Plants - ICCP3

From July 25 to 29, 2022, the 3rd International Conference on Pesticide Plants (ICCP3) will be held. This year will be the first conference organized in a French-speaking sub-Saharan African country, in Yamoussokro, Ivory Coast.

Promoting pesticide plants to meet the challenges of a healthy and sustainable agriculture. The main objective of this conference is to give a platform to all those who experiment with and/or use plants, in association for example, or their extracts in the fields of different health (plant, animal, public, environmental).

The conference will allow to federate the informal network Pesticide Plants of Africa (PPAf), initiated in June 2015 and the International Society of Pesticide Plants (ISPP). But more broadly, it will allow the rapprochement with the community engaged in organic and ecological agriculture, a community that is the first concerned with the protection of crops and livestock with natural substances (Natural Preparations Low Concern, in France). The general theme of the conference is the promotion of pesticide plants for a sustainable and healthy agriculture.



phone : (+225) 07 48 865 322
email : icpp3@wascal-ci.org