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Analysis and prediction of the spatio-temporal variability in vine water status at a microregional scale using local measurements and spatial covariate datasets


In the short-term (1-2 years), Dr Taylor is continuing to work with Drs Tisseyre and Lagacherie on several journal articles arising from the research undertaken during the Post-doctoral Fellowship. He is also working on a second article with collaborators in UMR ITAP and ASB regarding the published segmentation algorithm. In the medium term (3-5 years), the project partners are planning to submit funding applications at a European level to further develop the work undertaken on digital soil mapping with vegeative covariates. Dr Taylor is also invloved in an on-going project with Dr Tisseyre and IFVV which is investigating water stress issues at the Syndicat level within an AOC defined terroir. All parties hope that in the longer term (+5 years) there will continue to be an association between Dr Taylor and UMR LISAH and UMR ITAP.

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    2 January 2008
  • Closing date :
    21 October 2010
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