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Creation of a virtual multimedia exhibition on the diversity of cultivated plants


The objective of the project is therefore to develop a multimedia virtual exhibition on the diversity of cultivated plants, accessible via the Internet, and building on the work done for the poster series. This product will allow the exhibition "People and Plants: Cultivating Diversity" to be more widely distributed to its target audiences through greater accessibility, and to better engage them with enriched and more interactive content. It will also allow the content of the exhibition to be progressively updated and enriched, so as to keep the information disseminated at the cutting edge of scientific advances in the field of agrobiodiversity.


The chosen medium is a website which includes a homepage, a page for each plant described, a conclusion page and a quiz page on the exhibition.

The actions carried out are :
Definition of the content of the site
Design and creation of the site (architecture, graphic design and music)
The production of interviews with researchers (videos included in the site)
Training in the maintenance of the site

In addition, a page "A word from Agropolis Fondation" allows the foundation to express the motivations of its support to the project.


The main outcome of this project is the creation of a multimedia (interviews, sounds, slideshows) and interactive (quiz, maps) website on the history of 10 major crops (banana, wheat, coffee, fonio, bean, yam, millet, rice, sorghum, tomato), aimed at the general public and schools.


The site will be enriched by updating the texts, particularly on the research aspects, and by adding pages to deal with additional plants (maize and quinoa). A translation (English and/or Spanish) will be considered depending on the success of the site, as indicated by the site’s traffic data (google analytics module).

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  • Start date :
    1 January 2016
  • Closing date :
    30 September 2016
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