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La botanique à l’ère du numérique

The aim of the Floris’Tic initiative is to promote scientific, technical and industrial culture in plant sciences. To achieve this, it draws on a consortium of complementary expertise in botany, computer science and scientific exchange.
The general goal of Floris’Tic is to build actors’ capacities, especially at the territorial level, to design and deploy projects that mobilise and enhance botanical knowledge, and through these actors, to develop scientific culture on plants among the widest possible audience.

The project is organised around three areas

  • the structuring and emergence of relay communities
  • the development of a shared platform enabling creation, access to and exchange of knowledge on plants
  • the establishment of innovative tools for training and awareness raising on plant sciences and jobs.

Implemented by a consortium of eight institutions (Agropolis Fondation - coordinator, Tela Botanica, INRIA, CIRAD, INRA, IRD, CNRS, University of Montpellier), the project was launched for a duration of four years (2015-2018) and was granted €2M funding by the Agence Nationale pour la Rénovation Urbaine (ANRU - French national agency for urban renovation) under the Investissements d’Avenir (Future Investments) programme.

Floris’Tic - Bilan phase 1 (2015-2016)


Pascal Kosuth - Agropolis Fondation

Christel Vignau - Tela Botanica
Chef de projet
Lien vers le site du projet : http://floristic.org/