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10 December 2015

Louis Malassis International Scientific Prizes and Olam Prize 2015

For the first time, Agropolis Foundation has joined forces with Olam International, an agro-industrial group present in more than 65 countries, which has awarded the Olam Prize for Innovation in Food Security. Presented at the same time as the Louis Malassis Award, this prize aims to recognise an innovation for its potential impact on food availability, accessibility and adequacy, and/or its contribution to global food security.

For its third edition, the Louis Malassis Scientific Prize for Agriculture and Food was awarded in Montpellier on 16 March 2015 on the occasion of the 3rd World Conference on Climate Smart Agriculture (Climate Smart Agriculture CSA 2015).

The prize was divided into 3 categories:

  • in the Renowned Scientist category: Ms Claire Lanaud (CIRAD) was awarded for her work on the sequencing of the cocoa genome
  • In the Young Scientist category: Dr Kazuki Saito (Africa Rice Center) was awarded for his research on improving rice productivity in Africa.
  • in the Outstanding Career for Agricultural Development category: Professor Zeyaur Khan received an award for his entire career, notably on Push-Pull technologies.

In conjunction with the Louis Malais Prize for Agriculture and Food, but separately, the Olam Prize for Agriculture awarded by Olam International was presented.

This prize was awarded to Dr. Norman Uphoff (Cornell University) for his work on the development, promotion and dissemination of SRI (System of Rice Intensification) practice.



Oliver Oliveros
Directeur Délégué, en charge des partenariats, des coopérations internationales et du développement