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The AWARD Programme

AWARD PAN AFRICAis a career development program funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID, aimed at strengthening the scientific capacity and leadership of African women in agricultural research.

The Foundation participates in this major program and has been supporting since 2012, in partnership with AWARD (African Women in Agricultural Research and Development) https://training.awardfellowships.org/, the hosting of women scientists in the research units of the Montpellier network.

Between 2012 and 2022, 21 women scientists have been hosted.

The Foundation supports the hosting of AWARD fellows in the research units of its scientific network. The Foundation invest up to €20, 000per fellowship for a duration of between three and nine months, thereby supplementing the amount granted by the AWARD Programme. The allowance provided by the Foundation covers laboratory, health insurance, and accommodation costs (including water, electricity, etc.), as well as costs linked to family responsibilities (healthcare, costs for children), transport and food.

Ce programme de 1,2M US$ a permis également de financer des actions de formations.

Thanks to this first partnership, the Foundation and AWARD have continued their joint actions through the European program One Planet Fellowship, which focuses on networking African and European researchers to collaborate on the issue of agriculture and climate change in Africa.