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Optimisation de « Florilège », portail français des Ressources Génétiques Végétales Cultivées


The objective of the project is to develop and release the first functional version of the Florilège portal, more stable and faster than the current beta version. The database must be optimized. The interface must be improved to make it more attractive and informative, and to apply the planned graphic charter. Finally, the internationalization of the site is prepared with the English version of the main texts.


The Florilège portal is online at http://florilege.arcad-project.org.
A diversity diagram that dynamically displays the composition of the collections was developed and implemented. Taxonomic levels are presented in a concentric manner and divided into segments proportional to their importance. For each segment, the mouse cursor allows to display the detail of the corresponding botanical classification (see Fig. below).
The design of the site has been extended to the new pages created. The layout is complete for the Collection, News and Thematic Files sections.
The management of data received via web services has been improved. An "Accession" content type stores, manipulates and updates information received from linked databases. This secures the quality of the information displayed.
The translation of the site content is started. The thematic papers and institutional pages (presentation of the portal, regulatory pages etc.) are already translated into English. The display of these texts will be automatic when the multilingual function is activated on the portal.


The first version of the Florilège portal is now online and functional. However, additional functionalities will be added in future versions. They include bilingual displays, a tool to order plant material samples, the display of varietal data sheets, etc.

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    1 April 2016
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    28 February 2017
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