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PAthogen-Informed sustainable resistance of cassava against Xanthomonas


The main goal of the project is to establish new locally-adapted CBB control strategies in three different areas of the world where severe epidemics occur or are emerging


Survey in Latin America, West-Africa and South-East Asia.
Molecular characterization of Xam using VNTRs.
Characterization of TAL repertoires of most prevalent Xam strains.
Search for defective S susceptibility and resistance (executor) R genes in the cassava germplasm 5) Participatory research with farmer organizations.
Pan-tropical CBB survey network.


Sampling and molecular characterization of Xam strains from Latin America, West-Africa and South-East Asia,
Xam core collection representative of the pathogen population diversity,
Functional diversity of the TALome of most prevalent Xam strains,
Identification of cassava susceptibility (S) genes and loss of function alleles,
Identification of executor resistance gene candidates,
Knowledge on the impact of agricultural practices on the incidence of CBB,
Training of next-generation scientists/technicians to CBB survey & diagnosis,
A unified pan-tropical network on cassava diseases

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  • Start date :
    1 February 2015
  • Closing date :
    31 January 2018
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