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Plant and soil health indicators from an agroecological perspective for sustainable rice production in Cambodia


The general objective is to support the agroecological transition by providing indicators demonstrating that the transition to a healthy agrosystem is underway. To promote this transition, we have established a "JEAI HealthyRice" network associating researchers with different skills (agronomy, bioinformatics, IPM, microbiome, soil sciences and social sciences) and cultures (French and Cambodian). This community needs to exchange, learn from each other to ensure synergy in their activities. The post- doctoral scholarship requested, thanks to its transversal skills will actively contribute to this co-learning. At the technical level, we will gather and consolidate science-based evidence on the indicators under agroecological management. At the social level, we will enhance collective learning by organizing an exchange platform and creating didactic material around these indicators. The project will empower farmers into assessing performances and impacts (soil ecosystem functions) and raise their awareness about agroecological practices.

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  • Start date :
    1 December 2020
  • Closing date :
    28 February 2022
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