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The Foundation

Agropolis Fondation is a scientific cooperation foundation dedicated to research, training and innovation at the service of stakeholders in agriculture and sustainable development. It relies on an internationally renowned scientific network, with 40 research units divided into five disciplinary fields:

  • Plant biology;
  • Biology of plant biotic interactions;
  • Agronomy and agroecosystem management;
  • Food and non-food processing sciences;
  • Social sciences and agriculture-society interactions.

Its main mission is to promote the agroecological transition in tomorrow’s agriculture, through its network and its multi-stakeholder and international partnerships.

Since the beginning of 2019, through a dual interdisciplinary and systemic approach, Agropolis Fondation has been involved in a scientific animation policy focused on three unifying axes, in line with international conventions:

  • Climate change: adaptation and mitigation;
  • Conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity;
  • Responsible production and consumption.
Agropolis Fondation Brochure

Agropolis Fondation is a private “foundation for scientific cooperation” (“Fondation de coopération scientifique”, FCS, French Status) for agriculture and sustainable development. A “FCS” is an association of higher education and research institutions. It is a non-profit legal entity governed by private law and subject to the rules relating to foundations recognised as being of public utility (“Fondations reconnues d’utilité publique”).

The foundation was created in 2007 by CIRAD, INRA and Montpellier SupAgro, joined in 2008 by IRD and in 2018 by the University of Montpellier.

The Foundation is located in Montpellier, in the heart of the Agropolis International cluster, which brings together more than 2,700 scientists - researchers and teachers - in agronomy, food, biodiversity and the environment, with a specific focus on the tropical and Mediterranean regions.


François Pierrot
Interim Director